• 2020/03/02

Why you should get a private office at WATT Factory

Why you should get a private office here at WATT Factory, you ask? We think it’s better to let our Wattfactorians speak for themselves and explain you why they came to WATT Factory in the first place and more importantly why they stay. 

We have 5 offices available for the moment: check them out!

We offer fully furbished offices ranging from two to twenty-two people. Which gives you the opportunity to start off small and work your way up as your business thrives.

Apart from our offices being open and full of light, they also come with a lot of fun and free extras! Our Wattfactorians testify:

1. Free Refreshments

I love the free refreshments here: the cool water, freshly roasted coffee, tea, organic fruit and cookies. If I want to take a break, I get my cup of cappuccino in the kitchen downstairs. Always someone there to have a little chat with!
Free Refreshments
Unilin is renting our "Aspen" office, a private office for 2 people.

2. Check-in system

WATT Factory has a very practical check-in system. If I have a meeting, I tell my clients to check-in at the entrance, the system sends me a message and I can pick up my client. Very professional and personal!
Netwerk Onderneming is renting our "Apple" office, a private office for 2 people.

3. Community events

Every first Thursday of the month we have a "Thirsty Thursday" and every third Tuesday of the month there is a "Watt’s for Breaksfast Session". I really love these (and other) community events. I have the opportunity to meet and connect with like-minded people and companies in an informal setting!
Epilog is renting our office "Magnolia" office, a private office for 8 people.

4. Partago

All Wattfactorians get a subscription to the shared (electrical) car system of Partago. It's a practical and environmentally friendly solution for me to visit my clients!
A1-planning is renting our "Baobab" office and "Acacia" office, two private offices for 8 people.

5. Cross-pollination between entrepreneurs

Being part of the WATT Factory community, means meeting a lot of interesting companies, among which Bothrs. They build digital tools and we needed one, so now we're working together! It's a huge advantage to work with a company you already know and works under the same roof.
 Cross-pollination between entrepreneurs
March has a "Tera Watt" membership in our coworking.

6. Café and apérobar WOEST

Our building is also home to WOEST, a great place to have a business lunch or a coffee break with colleagues. On top of that: as Wattfactorians we get 8% discount! Bring on the summer cocktails!
Xylos is renting our "Sequoia" office, a private office for 24 people.

7. Meeting rooms

There are several meeting rooms: small ones, like the "Linen" and the "Cotton", and big ones, like the "Silk" and the "Satin". I prefer the "Wool", it's a brainstorm room with a huge whiteboard! And the good thing is: every private office comes with meeting room credits.
Meeting rooms
Zero Friction is renting our "Linden" office, a private office for 6 people.

8. Super-Fast Internet (Fiber)

The most important advantage for me? Free WiFi throughout the building. BallistiX is all about the digital, so no WiFi, no workee!
BallistiX is renting our "Cypress" office, a private office for 4 people.

9. Pilates

Every week bubbly Chloé teaches a pilates class and gets us off our chairs. It’s a really nice and relaxing way to take a break from all the desk-sitting!
Bothrs is renting our "Oak" office, a private office for 24 people.

10. Flexibility

WATT Factory is a flexible workspace in every possible way. Starting out in an office of 4, we moved to one of 8. Once our team outgrew that office, we could easily move to a larger office! This flexibility allows us to grow at ease without worrying about big office changes or costs.
OpenMotics is renting our "Elm" office, a private office for 24 people.

11. Casual meeting corners

If I want to discuss something with a colleague or have a quick business call, I use the little meeting corners on the first floor. They are nicely decorated and work inspiring for short team meetings!
Casual meeting corners
Solvice is renting our "Maple" office, a private office for 4 people.

12. Phonebooths

These phonebooths are the best! They ensure that I can have long and loud business calls without disturbing everyone in the coworking.

13. Samira

We all love Samira! She's our WATT Factory hero! She not only cleans all common areas and private offices, but is also an amazing cook.
Epilog is renting our "Magnolia" office, a private office for 8 people.

14. Healthy indoor air thanks to Take Air

With Take Air we improve the air quality in buildings by spreading micro-organisms, taken from forests, through air conditioning systems. We don't only have an office here, we also try out our technology at WATT Factory. That's why everyone working here can enjoy healthy indoor air!
Take Air is renting our "Willow" office, a private office for 4 people.

Interested in one of our offices? Contact Silke to see what's available or to plan a visit around WATT Factory!


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