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WATT Factory

is a lively community of entrepreneurs and creatives focused on Smart Cities & Climate Change. Whether you are a startup looking to scale, organising an exciting event or just interested in a great coworking spot or your own private office, you'll find your second home at WATT Factory.

WATT Factory runs a unique Smart City Accelerator. The 2019 Programme will focus on Smart Mobility, Smart Energy and Smart Buildings. WATT Factory organises this Programme in collaboration with The Beacon ( and the City of Mechelen.

We are confronted with congested roads, air and ground pollution, the need for more and better housing to meet our growing population and the annoying fact that there is no “Planet B” to migrate to.  At the same time, technology provides great ways to make our world more sustainable and improve our quality of life.

At WATT Factory we work closely together within our ecosystem to unleash the potential of open innovation between startups, corporates, knowledge institutes and public partners.

This is where you come in! 

Work and Event Space

Whether you're a freelancer, you and two of your friends just launched a company or you already established a pretty impressive business.
We provide full-service coworking and flexible work space to make sure you can focus on your core business. WATT Factory can become your second home.

WATT Factory Accelerator Programme

Up to fifteen high-potential startups will be selected for a six-month programme. The top founder teams will be guided on their growth path through an individualised programme, working on access to funding, customers and partners.
The chosen startups join a unique communityThe programme includes peer-to-peer coaching and in-depth workshops.

Don't just take our word for it:

    The programme has allowed us to scale massively, thanks to great mentoring and customer introductions.

    Thomas Celen - CEO Zapfloor

    The WATT Factory Accelerator was the right concept at the right time.

    Stefaan Aelbrecht - OpenMotics

    You come for the great work environment, you stay for the great atmosphere!

    Wouter Smet – TinkerTanks

    Working at WATT Factory feels like being part of a big family of people doing crazy things, who are supporting towards each other - during work hours but also after…

    Kenny Defrijn - Too Good To Go

    A place were work is nicer because of the mixture of interesting people, cosy working spaces and unique meetings at the coffee corner.

    Sven Vandendriessche - VDD Consultancy

    In the lively community of entrepreneurs each individual can work on his/her own creative development.

    Jolien Van der Meulen - A1 Planning

    Wish I could be there more!

    Arnout Van den Bossche

    Love to work in the Watt factory, its a place where you meet new people every day and you learn from each other.

    Elizabeta Velica – Qualifio

    One of the most productive office spaces we have ever set foot in, run by great hosts and occupied by awesome people.

    Nikolas Taillieu – BallistiX

    A grouping of companies of enthusiastic colleagues young and old, that goes from the smallest start-up to the largest waste prevention movement.

    Guylian De Clercq – Studer

    My perfect retreat for a day of concentration and working.

    Aart De Zitter – BeSpoken

    Thanks to our mutual partnership, companies at WATT Factory can use our electric cars without paying an entrance fee. Together we installed a “smart charging station” for our electric cars - the next step to a more sustainable use of energy!

    Clara Vanderschueren – Partago

    Epilog joined the Watt factory community right from the start. We see the community nicely growing with a lot of events and organic interactions between companies. It really is a beautiful place to work and share experiences.

    Gregor Strobbe – Epilog

    Working in an innovation environment, surrounded by motivated companies, flourishes in our own favor.

    Hanne Vanderschuren – TakeAir

    Watt Factory is the ideal environment for us because we are constantly stimulated and motivated by other young entrepreneurs.

    Philippe Meire – March

    Watt Factory is our perfect hub for arranging appointments and receiving prospects in a super cool environment.

    Erwin Decoene – Soov

    Watt Factory is the ideal environment for us because we are constantly stimulated and motivated by other young entrepreneurs in the same building.

    Christophe Van Huele – Solvice

    Hot coffee and a cool atmosphere; you don’t need much more to get a workplace to thrive. The Factory is always bubbling with activity, and the WATT-team are a national treasure. It’s like home away from home.

    Laurens Goethals - Bothrs

    Watt Factory is always open for new introductions, workshops and events making it a very inspiring environment to work in. For us Watt Factory is a 2nd home.

    Josephine Clarys - Arthur & The Sisters

    The personal mentoring and the many workshops about pricing, advertising and marketing have taught me a lot and provided me with a fantastic network.

    Wouter Kestelyn - D-Centralized

    The Watt Factory accelerator programme was fantastic. We got in touch with people who were of great help in realizing our plans to sell and go international.

    Jo Pannecoucke - TakeAir

    We were already considering an investment round before the programme, but we didn’t know how to approach this.

    Alexander De Bièvre - Mobit

    The people were very open about the challenges they were facing, so that we could look for solutions together. I even found two customers.

    Chris De Guytenaer - BATTmobiel


WATT Factory
Vlasgaardstraat 52
9000 Gent

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