Looking for your own spot? Tired of working at home? Look no further. WATT Factory will spoil you with a quiet working spot, coffee to nourish your brain and lot's of network possibilities to boost your creativity!









WATT's in it for you?

It’s never easy to find that perfect workspace. At home there’s distraction all around you and a standard office lacks inspiration and energy. 

If a place that offers you focus, energy, a great vibe and quality coffee,  is what you need…join WATT Factory!

Our coworking space will be your home away from home, where you can be your most productive self and create meaningful contacts within our fun and vibrant community of first class young minded entrepreneurs. 

As Wattfactorian, you'll get all sorts of free services, facilities and community perks: check them out!


WATT Factory
Vlasgaardstraat 52
9000 Gent

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