• 2020/03/03

8 reasons why you should keep working remotely

Remote work isn't the future of work — it's the present. 

Especially now. Because of COVID-19, the world is forced to work remotely. In a bid to stop the virus, many employees are being told to work from home. Two challenges: many companies were not prepared and “home” is not the ideal office to work from.

Overactive kids, a cat who seems to like sitting on your keyboard or a dog who is all to keen on playing fetch all day, makes 'focus' almost impossible. Sure, it’s cool you can have meetings in your pj's, but overall: working from home may not be that productive. 

On the other hand, simply returning to the way it was before COVID-19, is not an option either. Even after the harsh lockdown rules, social distancing will still be in place and your employer needs to rethink his work structure. To avoid risks and prepare for the future, they will have to allow their employees to work remotely. Either by creating a satellite office or letting you work from a coworking space nearby. These flexible workspaces have put all necessary social distancing guidelines in place and offer a safe place to work without constant distractions.

Here's why remote working will end up being one of the best decisions you could ever make: 

1. You’ll have more time
These days, we’re all too busy, we have no time. All we want is more time. The biggest advantage of remote working, for sure.
When you remote work, you probably work from home or another location (coffee shop, coworking, satellite office,..) close to your home. Either way, you’ll avoid a long commute. Less time on the road = more free time. Time for yourself, for work or for your family. You choose!

2. You’ll have more cocktails
Cocktails, wine, beer, whatever you prefer. Not that flexible workspaces promote alcohol. But they do save you money. No commuting = no fuel or transit costs = money you can spend on something else. Like cocktails. We would choose cocktails.

3. You’ll save the planet
Okay, we admit, maybe a tat exaggerated. You will not save the planet on your own by remote working, but you’ll definitely help. By avoiding a long commute every day, you’ll avoid pollution. You can go to work in an environmentally friendly way: by foot, bike or (if you have fully accepted your hipster side) by electric step.

4. You’ll save yourself
From stress, that is. Remote work removes the need for a commute and the associated negative effects. You don’t have to worry about getting to work on time, you don’t have to get frustrated by traffic jams and terrible drivers. Less stress guaranteed. 

The benefits don’t just stop there. When you work in a flexible workspace, you get more flexibility (shocker!), freedom and trust from your employer, making you so much more relaxed overall.

5. You’ll not sing along with Dolly Parton
“Working 9 to 5, what a way to make a living”, she sings. By remote working you can organize your time yourself. You can work when you are most productive. For some that’s early in the morning, for others it’s late in the evening. Remote working gives you all the flexibility you need. That’s a better way to make a living, Dolly. 

6. You’ll have a better work-life balance
Imagine your work, household and parenting being more harmonious. Sounds like a really nice dream? No, wake up. It can be real, it can be yours, it’s possible. Like we said, remote working gives you more flexibility. The flexibility to deal with private matters, like your household or parenting, during the day, leaving you the evening to catch up with your work. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. 

7. You’ll look like a superhero
Look like, yes. You’ll not be shooting spider-webs from your wrists. As a remote worker you’ll possess another cool superpower: getting more done in lesser time. 

No, not by flying from building to building via your spider-webs. By having more motivation and concentration. At home, in a coworking space or in a satellite office you are less distracted by your colleagues. You can stay focused, you can work more productively, you can get more done in less time. Almost as cool as Spiderman, no?

8. You’ll find the key to happiness
If you work in a flexible workspace, you’re more self-motivated. You have a sense of autonomy, especially when it comes to organizing your time. Like anybody else, your work has to be finished on time, but you’re free to choose when, where and how you get it finished. This can create a new relationship of trust with your employer and more satisfaction with your work. You’ll be loving more what you do and doing more of what you love. That’s the key to happiness, right?

All rainbows and sunshine? 
Let’s get real. Remote working also comes with a few negative effects. For example, they say remote workers
  • ... are isolated
  • … lack creativity due to no collaboration and brainstorming with colleagues
  • … have no physical separation between their private and professional life
  • … have a greater risk they will not stop working when the working day is over
  • … have less formal and informal contact with colleagues 
Hmmm.. Maybe that’s true, but only when you’re talking about working from home. All these negative effects can become positive ones once you switch your home for a coworking space or satellite office. Then, you as a remote worker
  • ... are part of a community of entrepreneurs and surrounded by then daily
  • … can network, discuss and get creative with everyone in the community
  • … can start working when you arrive and stop working when you leave the coworking space
  • … have free, inspirational community events every month (freebies, yeah!)
No doubt about it: working remote will end up being one of the best decisions you could ever make. Especially when you choose to work in a hip, trendy and inspirational coworking space like ours.

Sounds like something for you? Contact Silke for a free try-out day at WATT Factory!

Not sure yet? Learn here how to ask your boss to work remotely, here what the advantages for your company are and here how to implement remote working in your company.


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