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March is the ideal companion for both owners and potential users of a property. They help owners and real estate professionals at 4 crucial moments: active prospection of plots to (re)develop, purchasing of identified properties, letting a developed or existing property, and selling a property in its integrity to an investor. March makes the difference by focusing on quick follow-up and proactiveness, supported by technology. Using artificial intelligence and big data analysis, we have developed an internal tool that finds patterns in existing companies’ locations. That way, our real estate professionals can work very effectively.



The car insurance that insures your mobility. Whether you take the bike, bus, step or segway, with Mobly you are insured for every kilometre, whichever your means of transport, with the benefit of only paying the kilometres done by car.
Transform your car into a connected car. Get the total control over your car with the Dongle, a small piece of hardware that you simply plug into your car. This way you connect your car with the app, which allows you to check your car’s status at any time and anticipate possible breakdowns.



Etheclo is the combination of a reusable cooling box with a monitoring system, either used together or separately. The etheclobox allows a safe delivery of temperature sensitive goods without the need for a refrigerated fleet - the box looks like a standard parcel but with the extra of the integratable ‘etheclomonitor’ which allows an e2e monitoring of the temperature.
Etheclo is able to support customers transporting temperature sensitive goods to their last mile customers and can advise them how to do this in a correct, ecological and safe way.

Zero Friction


Zerofriction offers a metering & billing platform which is;
1. Efficient & very user friendly
2. An easy accessible, scalable SAAS Pay-as-you- use platform, no investments upfront
3. 100% focussed on the heat & cooling market
4. Provides an end-to-end view on the value chain which brings transparency towards our customers. This will lead to an optimized consumption so climate goals can easier achieved. We want to maximum support heat supplier companies through digital solutions which are innovative but relevant now.


Testimonials from our alumni

Thomas Celen - Zapfloor
Stefaan Aelbrecht - OpenMotics
Torsten & Bjorn Robbens - Saroléa
Jorim Rademaker -
Alexander De Bièvre – Mobit
Jo Pannecoucke – TakeAir
Wouter Kestelyn – D-Centralized
Chris de Guytenaer – BATTmobiel

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