At WATT Factory we’re in it together. Collaborate, share experiences, and get inspiration from other members. 
Join the WATT Factory community as coworker or find a flexible office to grow your business in.

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Whether you're a freelancer, you and two of your friends just launched a company or you already established a pretty impressive business, WATT Factory can become your second home.

We provide flexible office space and make sure you can focus on your core-business.

We are building a strong community of entrepreneurs and creatives focused on Smart Cities & Climate Change. Therefore community members will be carefully selected to encourage ideation and cross-pollination. The plentiful workshops and events will facilitate further collaboration. 

The onsite lunch & apérobar Woest, will make sure your inner innovator is well taken care of.


It’s never easy to find that perfect working environment.
At home there’s distraction all around and a standard office lacks inspiration and energy. 

If a place where you can focus, drink quality coffee, that gives you energy and a great vibe is what you need…enter WATT Factory!

WATT Factory will be your home away from home, where you can be your most productive self and create the meaningful contacts within our fun and vibrant community of first class young minded entrepreneurs. 

More about coworking

Private Office

Nothing as boring as a completely closed off office cubicle… That’s why at WATT Factory we opt for openness and light in both our communal areas as well as in your private office.
We offer fully furbished offices ranging from two to twenty-two people.
Which gives you the opportunity to start off small and work your way up as your business thrives.

More about our private offices

WATT’s in it for you?


your heart out as our coworking and office space gives you plenty and potentially valuable networking opportunities within a vibrant community.


mingle during our social events and share tips and ideas with one another.


feel more socially connected, which will improve your mood and boost your energy levels.


working in a coworking adds a boost of inspiration to your business and puts you in a(n) (even) more creative vibe.


during our quality workshops given by Vlerick Business School, EY and more.


no need to sign your life away if you want to cowork, a month to month contract will do just fine. 


without the distractions of working at home ( no pets wanting hugs, no need to watch that last episode of game of thrones, hmm, no luring mars bar in the cupboard, no household chores to do, and no overly comfy couch to take that inviting you for afternoon naps)


 everyone around you is working hard so why wouldn’t you?


Onderzoek toont aan dat je tot 75% kosten kunt besparen door te werken in een coworking omgeving, ideaal voor een startende onderneming! (of welk bedrijf dan ook)

Coworking comes with:

  • 24/7 Access to WATT Factory
  • Super-Fast Internet (Fiber)
  • Free Refreshments: freshly roasted coffee, tea, fruit & water
  • Meeting rooms: your office comes with meeting room credits
  • Exciting Events: meet and connect with like-minded people and companies at our events.
  • Spacious, unique community lounge with open kitchen
  • Our flexdesks and private offices include desks, chairs and filing cabinets
  • Business-Class Printer: multi-function copier/scanner/printer
  • Cleaning Services for all common areas and private offices
  • Subscription to shared car system of Partago
  • Extra facilities: shower, bike racks

Don't just take our word for it:

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