Meet the Mentors


We proudly present our Watt Factory mentors!

A network of talented and experienced mentors is one of the key elements in our startup acceleration programme. They provide an independent perspective on your business, act as a soundboard for new ideas, work with you to set new goals, help you develop new skills and expertise, and guide you through the peaks and valleys of startup life.

We asked some really great people to join you in this adventure and we’re very pleased to be able to present this pretty bunch. Their profiles range from Smart City backgrounds over real strong startup experience to highly experienced C-Levels. Next to mostly Belgian mentors, we also selected some international experts to provide you with global insights.

Apply before March 13th and we'll make sure you'll get matched with the perfect mentor! #SmartMentoring


Bruno Lowagie
Chief Strategy Officer, Think Free
Bruno Lowagie is the original developer & founder of iText, an innovative PDF library that has grown into a global software company.

Béatrice de Mahieu
CEO Virtuology Academy
Béatrice de Mahieu is a Belgian entrepreneur and strategy consultant. She is the founder of Virtuology Academy & Pimento Map and a highly experienced startup mentor and coach.

Ricardo Marvao
Co-Founder Beta-i
Ricardo Marvao is a Portuguese serial entrepreneur from Lisbon. He is the Co-Founder of Beta-i, a European top startup accelerator.

Didier Van Der Coelden
CFO NGDATA                                                        
Didier is a finance professional with 20 years of experience as consultant and finance executive. He’s currently the Chief Financial Officer of NGDATA, which helps companies in data-driven industries.

Piet Maes
CTO Sofico
Piet is the CTO & Co-Founder of Sofico.  develops software for car leasing, asset finance, fleet and mobility management companies.

Jonas Dhaenens
CEO Intelligent
Jonas is the CEO of Intelligent and initial founder. He is investor in multiple internet related companies. Last year, he was crowned ICT Personality of the Year, which made him the youngest-ever winner of the title.

Ricardo Van Loenen
Co-Founder B.Amsterdam
Ricardo is Co-founder of B.Amsterdam, the biggest and fastest growing incubator of Europe.

Alexis Bogaert
CEO Die Keure
Alexis is CEO of die Keure, a publishing and printing company. He’s also serving on the board of various family owned companies.

Nathalie De Ceulaer
Nathalie is an experienced strategic and entrepreneurial finance professional with a strong corporate finance track record in M&A, private placements, restructuring equity and debt.

Sophie De Maesschalck
Sophie is the Chief Financial Officer of Green IT Globe, a company that empowers the world with green, disruptive and cost-effective IT, protecting every one’s privacy.

David Dessers
Managing Partner Cresco
David is an experienced business lawyer with a strong focus on the technology sector. He frequently assists entrepreneurs and companies in their business and fundraising activities

Alex Driesen
Co-Entrepreneur Nallian
Alex is Co-Entrepreneur at Nallian, world’s first Open Data Sharing Platform for Business Collaboration. He’s also a highly experienced board advisor.

Walter Mastelinck
Entrepreneur, investor and director
Walter is the Founder & ex-CEO of Transics. He is an entrepreneur, investor and director of multiple companies amongst which Watt Factory!

Jonas Coenen
Founder Parcify, Co-Founder VicThorious
Jonas has a passion for people, entrepreneurship and technology. He's a rational decision maker analyzing different business models.

Mark De Colvenaer
Business Engineer, Smart City Tech
Mark is a seasoned business engineer who wants to develop and implement projects that really matter to stakeholders and society. Projects that create tangible stakeholder value through implementation of innovative products, services and concepts.

Jelle Vandendriessche
Project-Developer, Re-Vive
Jelle is a project developer at Re-Vive, they redevelop Brownfields in a sustainable way.
Investing in Brownfield sites helps to realize three goals: to create economic, ecological and social added value.

Andreas Creten
CEO and Co-Founder, madewithlove
Andreas is a software engineer and an entrepreneur who loves developing apps and building teams.