The Smart City Hub

WATT Factory

WATT Factory is a lively community of entrepreneurs and creatives focused on Smart Cities & Climate Change. Whether you are a startup looking to scale, organising an exciting event or just interested in a great coworking spot or your own private office, you'll find your second home at WATT Factory.

WATT Factory runs a unique Smart City Accelerator. The 2018 Programme focused on Smart Mobility, Smart Energy and Smart Buildings. The 2019 Programme will be announced soon!

Office Space

Whether you're a freelancer, you and two of your friends just launched a company or you already established a pretty impressive business.

We provide coworking and flexible work space and make sure you can focus on your core-business. WATT Factory can become your second home.

Accelerator Programme

Up to fifteen high-potential European startups will be selected for a six-month programme. The top founder teams will be guided on their path towards funding with growth boosted through an individualised programme working on access to funding, customers & partners.

The chosen startups are included in a robust network. The programme includes peer-to-peer coaching and involved experts will come from both inside and outside Belgium in efforts to reinforce international potential.

Don't just take our word for it

"The programme has allowed us to scale massively, thanks to great mentoring and customer introductions"

Thomas Celen - CEO Zapfloor

"The WATT Factory Accelerator was the right concept at the right time"

Stefaan Aelbrecht - OpenMotics